Experience the Future of Ticketing at the 2020 Ticketmaster Summit

博信红包扫雷怎么开群this year, the ticketmaster summit is going far beyond anything we’ve ever done before to deliver a truly immersive experience. featuring thought-provoking keynotes, dynamic presentations and engaging demonstrations, we’re infusing each action-packed day with the same spirit that makes live so inspiring in the first place. it’s a don’t-miss opportunity to gather with innovators and industry peers that will be chock-full of networking opportunities alongside colleagues, experts and partners. let’s explore the future of ticketing as we shape live, together.

博信红包扫雷怎么开群at the 2020 summit, you can expect to:


Be Inspired

博信红包扫雷怎么开群immerse yourself in a range of dynamic, interactive solutions and hands-on experiential forums.

discover a new wave of fan connection, marketing opportunities and insightful revenue-driving tactics.


Have Fun

博信红包扫雷怎么开群expand your network by developing relationships with in-house experts, partners and industry peers.

from industry parties to some surprise appearances, we’ve got a lot of exciting things lined up this year.


博信红包扫雷怎么开群don’t forget to connect with all things #tmsummit by following us on and . we can’t wait to explore the future of ticketing as we start shaping the bright future of live.


Interested in Attending? Let Us Know!

The is invite-only. Please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative for more information.